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I try to create a project using BAPI_PROJECT_MAINTAIN. Everything works fine, when I create not a very huge projects. But when I try to create a huge project ( 5000 WBS-elements for example), BAPI returns me an error message:

System error occurred during lock management

Lock table overflow

WBS element M-1.3.8XXXX.4 could not be created

Is it possible to resolve this problem?

If I divide my project on several parts and use BAPI a several times, everything is fine. But it is not easy-to-use.

Thanks in advance


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3 Answers

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    Mar 03, 2008 at 10:17 AM

    for lock table overflow

    increase the size of the lock table : parameter


    or i

    ncrease the enque work processes : parameter rdisp/wp_no_enq


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      Follwoing was the reply from SAP. we made changes as they suggested, but problem still exist. We have 4 GB RAM on our devp server & it runs for ever (more than 2 hrs) when we try to create proj with 5000 Activities & 1800 WBS.

      Thank you for attaching the Dump/ Timeout information it helped

      greatly in evaluating this issue.

      I do not believe this issue is a bug/ error of the standard SAP

      Software but caused by your custom use of the BAPI and system

      maintenance. I will explain the full functionality;

      In the Release ECC6 there was an improvement/ enhancement of the

      Checking functionality for WBS Elements. The system checks if the

      WBS is Plan-integrated for maintaining settlement rules.

      So most likely during the processing from 'BAPI_PROJECT_MAINTAIN'

      to 'K_SETTLEMENT_RULE_CHECK' there is a check on the WBS to see if

      it is plan-integrated...

      The following code is one place such a check is carried out before

      calling 'K_SETTLEMENT_RULE_CHECK':



      check not prps-fakkz is initial or

      not prps-belkz is initial or

      not prps-plint is initial. "this is set


      Thus later in the coding the function module 'K_SETTLEMENT_RULE_CHECK'

      is being processed which gives the TIMEOUT.

      The DUMP may be avoidable if the project would not

      be plan integrated or if the settlement profile (which is checked

      in the function module ) would be set from 'To Be Settled in Full'

      to 'Can Be Settled'. These can be found from the settlement view.

      If you do not want this feature anymore, you can comment the code

      changes done by note 633557 (of course, these corrections are already inyour system!!). Please note that any bugs arising out of this, SAP is

      not responsible for it.

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    Feb 28, 2008 at 02:02 PM

    We faced similar problem. Our Abaper inserted a wait command for 5 secs between.



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      I'm not an Abaper, but to my knowledge system takes some time to build the WBS hierarchy (Left, Right,Top & Bottom). And if you pass child level WBS elements before the parent (hierarchy) is created you get such errors.

      So I think you need to give some time lag (some command 'wait' ?) in your program itself.

      My Abaper's code is below:

      *Call standard BAPI to create Project and WBS Elements



      i_project_definition = i_project_definition

      i_project_definition_upd = i_project_definition_upd


      return = return


      i_method_project = i_method_project

      i_wbs_element_table_update = i_wbs_element_table_update

      i_wbs_element_table = i_wbs_element_table

      i_wbs_milestone_table = i_wbs_milestone_table

      i_wbs_milestone_table_update = i_wbs_milestone_table_update

      i_wbs_hierarchie_table = i_wbs_hierarchie_table

      i_network = i_network

      i_network_update = i_network_update

      i_activity = i_activity

      i_activity_update = i_activity_update

      i_relation = i_relation

      i_relation_update = i_relation_update

      e_message_table = e_message_table

      i_activity_element = i_activity_element

      i_activity_element_update = i_activity_element_update

      i_activity_milestone = i_activity_milestone

      i_activity_milestone_update = i_activity_milestone_update.

      IF return-type = 'E'.



      *Wait for all of the asynchronous parallel tasks created with CALL FUNCTION to return


      *Commit work




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    Mar 03, 2008 at 10:12 AM


    We are currently developing interface using BAPI_PROJECT_MAINTAIN. We have not tried 5000 WBs, but we were able to create Proj with 5000 Activities. There are lot of notes related to performance of this BAPI related to Settlement_rule_check. We are getting timeout error if try anything > 5000 activities. Is there any limit of size of project we can create using this BAPI ?

    We are seriously thinking to create project by splitting in smaller chunks, but then we have the issue of internal numbers generated by SAP, to be passed to next call.

    I have also reported problem on


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