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Feb 28, 2008 at 06:25 AM

Very Typical logistics scenarion in SAP-



Issue: Tranportation freight cost

" there are X & Y companies running in SAP. Following different procedures

to calculate freight costs.

in Company X: - freight calculating through userexit based on distance basis & rate and include

in inventory account ( only in STO's case,but not in case of SO's).

in Company Y: freight will calculate through shipment cost using condition records

in TK11 ( through Service PO,this costs will going to the expence account)

To check the distance,they are using customized master data and included in sales order userexit.

when we save SO, system checks for the valid record and copied in SO.

is there any way to follow the unified method for both companies instead following

2 different procedure?

Please need ur inputs,