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change email address

Oct 19, 2016 at 10:00 AM


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I am unable to change primary email address.

please guide

Also suggest me how to merge to SAP accounts on my name

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Send a request to detailing your ID and login ID which needs to be changed.

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3 Answers

Veselina Peykova
Oct 19, 2016 at 11:04 AM

Are you using an S-user or a P-user to log on?

I don't use my S-user in this forum, I use it mainly to read notes. I saw that there is an option to change the e-mail address of a S-user in the support portal. Even if I have this option available, I prefer not to touch it, but let our administrators handle this centrally, unless I receive a mail from our IT department, where I am asked to do that myself.

For P-users it is a bit trickier now to change your e-mail: it took me about 5 minutes to find a way in...

While you are logged on, follow this link: . You will get to a page for newsletters subscriptions. There is an e-mail address field. It looks promising and might work :)

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What about I have an S-user, so the email field is locked. But could you change it for your P-user?




Sadly, no... the e-mail address has a lock icon.

For P-users in this page you can change:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Login Name
  • Phone
  • Language
  • Time Zone
  • Password
  • Company Info
  • Contact Preferences

In rare cases this can become a problem for P-users: I had to change e-mail providers last year, because the quality of service decreased significantly.

I don't use browser certificates to log on for a number of valid reasons, and I think, you still need a valid e-mail address to verify S-user assignments when you pay for trainings/certification. I still hope that I have missed some obvious option to change the e-mail address for P-users.


I tried to dig a little bit more into this - changing e-mail addresses seems kind of important, even though it is not a pressing matter for me at the moment.

My assumption is that the profile for is a global one.

I tried to log on and select different countries and checked the available information in different languages, where I can understand the text (English, German, Bulgarian, Serbian, Russian). The information varies between countries - in some cases there is none, in others - you have different links to update your personal data (hopefully this is where you could change your e-mail as well) - none of these links was functional. In most of the versions it is mentioned, that you can send an e-mail to and ask for assistance. I don't really know if this will work at all, but other than the newsletters subscription link I found no other place, where the e-mail address was modifiable.

Unfortunately, this is not a problem, which the team, responsible for the SAP Community implementation, can handle directly. I am still hoping that some SAP employee will stumble upon your thread and point you in the right direction.

We really miss the @mention functionality right now.

Kaushik Debnath Oct 19, 2016 at 10:15 AM

Where do you want change?? Mention some more details.



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Former Member


I want to change my primary email address in my sap account.

I also want to check if i can merge two accounts held on my name,

Steffi Warnecke
Oct 19, 2016 at 10:39 AM

Hello Pallavi,

since it sounds like you are talking about the current platform I changed the tag on your question to "Using", because that is the tag for support questions and bug reports concerning the new platform.

Please add, if you are using an S-user or a P-user (or another kind) for login in SCN.

Account merging is not possible at the moment either way.




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