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Nov 29, 2017 at 05:53 AM

Need to link Incoming payment with this Query


Dear Experts

I need to link Incoming payment with my Existing Query.

Pls help me to sort it out

I try so many times


Select distinct OCRD.CardName [Customer Name] ,OCRD.CardCode [Customer Code]
,ODLN.DocNum [Delivery Num],ODLN.DocDate [Delivery Date],ODLN.DocTotal [Delivery Total],OINV.DocNum [Invoice Num],OINV.DocDate [Invoice Date],OINV.DocTotal [Invoice Total] 
,ORIN.DocNum [CNote Num],ORIN.DocDate [CNote Date],ORIN.DocTotal [CNote Total]
OCRD inner join ODLN on OCRD .CardCode = ODLN .CardCode 
left outer join DLN1 on ODLN .DocEntry = DLN1 .DocEntry 
Left outer join INV1 on DLN1 .DocEntry = INV1 .BaseEntry and DLN1 .LineNum = INV1 .BaseLine and DLN1 .ObjType = INV1 .BaseType 
Left outer join OINV on INV1 .DocEntry = OINV .DocEntry
Left Join ORIN on ORIN.DocEntry = INV1.TrgetEntry and ORIN.ObjType = INV1.TargetType