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Former Member
Feb 27, 2008 at 03:57 AM

Smartform query


Hello Gurus,

I am stuck with a smart form problem, and need help from the

experts. I have couple of forms, which will be printed on pre-printed

paper. As a result, when the print request is sent to spool, the

background picture (which was used for development) is turned off. But

then, there is an additional requirement that, when the preview is

done, the user will have to see the background picture.

In this scenario, I have created a custom application, which will list

in an ALV grid, all the spool IDs, based on some criteria. And, it is

from this application that we trigger the actual printing , and also,


So, the requirement is : when the user selects a spool ID, and clicks

on the "preview" button in application, he/she should be able to see

the contents WITH background. However, when actual printing takes

place, the background picture should be suppressed, so that printing

can happen neat in the pre-printed paper.

I hope I am elaborate and detailed in the description of the problem,

and eagerly waiting for ideas and views from the gurus. I am verymuch

aware of work around for this problem, by creating another smart form,

with background..etc. But, is there any way to do this with just one


Best Regards,