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Former Member
Feb 26, 2008 at 10:46 PM

Revenue Recognition Accounting in PS Results Analysis


I am trying to understand certain aspects in the accountng involved for the process of Results Anaysis. In my case, we have configured RA for revenue recognition and all is working well. We have a project that has a billing element and an account assignment element under it. Invoices go to the billing element, costs go to the aa elemet. RA key is entered on the billing element. RA calculates Revenues and COS and the billing element settles them to PA. While calculated, defered and unbilled revenue post to FI using OKG8 configuration settings. All is fine on the mechanics of this.

What I do not understand is the treatment for the actual costs. Are they supposed to be settled to PA as well? If so...then, the costs seem to double up in PA (COS from RA calculated based on the actual costs via the billing element and Actual costs themselves from from the aa element). Are the actual costs supposed to remain in the aa WBS element and not be settled? It seems unbalanced. Can anyone explain?