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Feb 26, 2008 at 06:25 PM

Set batch management for reasons of cost management item cannot be deleted


Discovery was made that a material should have had batch management MARC-XCHPF selected. Within that time sales orders were created as well as sales order stock. 411E movements were done to get rid of the sales order stock, and it can not be seen in MMBE. MD04 is also clear. New attempt to add batch management in the plant displayed errors - SD Documents exist (orders or deliveries) that have not yet been

processed or that have been processed only in part.

Document Item

206365 000020

Attempt to remove item 20 from sales order and receive error

Message no. V1128

For reasons of cost management, item 000020 cannot be deleted.


You tried to delete a sales document item for which cost management is carried out. Cost management can exist at item level for

- make-to-order production

- make-to-order stock

- service contract item


Enter a reason for rejection at item level.

I found a similar problem on the forum but not really a solution other than throwing in the towel and making new materials.