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Replace(Previous(Self)) - Has anyone used this structure succesfully?

Nov 28, 2017 at 08:31 PM


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I have a character string from a prompt:

[PromptString]: "a;b;c;d"

I have [DataValues]: a;b;c

I want to identify values on the [PromptString] that does not have corresponding [DataValues].

So, I am creating a [Variable]. I initialize the [Variable] with the [PromptString] (a;b;c;d) and I am trying to replace the found [DataValues](a;b;c) on the [Variable] by empty spaces (which removes them from the [Variable]) in order to identify non found values that will remain (d). Like:



[Variable] initial value: a;b;c;d


[DataValues] [Variable]

a_________ ;b;c;d

b_________ ;;c;d

c_________ ;;;d

That will identify d as a prompt entry that does not have corresponding [DataValues]

But I am receiving the error "The expression or sub-expression at Position 51 in the 'Replace' function uses an invalid data Type"

[DataValues] and [Variable] are both character strings.

Anyone has an example of Replace(Previous(self)) that works?

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