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Absence quota generation as per the negotiated quota(24-30) for every year

Hello Friends,

I have a scenario where during hiring employee negotiates with the company for the salary as well as absence quota (earned leave).


Candidate A joins on 1st June 2017

Candidate B joins on 15st June 2017

Negotiation of absence quota was as below

Absence quota allowed can be from 24 days to 30 days, depends on the negotiation before joining

Candidate A settled for annual earned leave at 26 days

Candidate B settled for annual earned leave at 30 days

Now both the employee are of same Grade, same PA, and same PSA

Please help me to configure this process through standard configuration



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2 Answers

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    Nov 30, 2017 at 09:29 AM


    I Believe if you want to do something like this thru standard configuration then grouping the employees differently with the associated base entitlements is your only option. If this is impractical then the user exit option is a possibility.

    For this type of scenario where for historic reasons people have all kinds of odd ball entitlements we utilized.

    Enhancement HRPTIM03 Component EXIT_SAPLHRLV_004 to modify the base entitlement ( LVNUM ).

    We maintain the entitlement individually for this set of employees on IT0001-ANSVH.

    NOTE If your entitlements have banding for seniority or age etc then storing them on It0001 will raise issues around keeping them up to date


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  • Dec 04, 2017 at 12:01 PM

    Hello Brendan,

    i have though of 2 options.

    1) Manage it through date type from IT0041, and same to be configured in base entitlement

    2) Manage it through work contract IT0001, different base entitlement can be linked in Quomo with the different work contracts.

    Please suggest me, which could be the best to go with.



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    • Hi,

      Not sure how IT0041 helps you in scenario described above!

      Re point 2

      You are correct, using feature QUOMO in conjunction with IT0001-ANSVH is an approach that will also work.

      If the number of possible different entitlements was small (Only 2 - 26 and 30 are mentioned in your example) then this would be the approach to take. This is probably the case if your entitlements are in days because there will be a limited number of possibilities, less the 40?

      Also as a by the way, I think with this approach if you are not accruing thru Time, the correct entitlement will default in IT2006 as standard when you create a new IT2006 in PA30.

      If however some employees have entitlement in hours and people negotiate individually as to their entitlement, then the amount of rules to configure could be impractical, In this case the Exit gives you the flexibility to cover all bases.