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kanban replenishment element with reference to PR

Nov 28, 2017 at 02:50 PM


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Dear all

in external kanban with source list, I have created a contract with reference to a PR, and enter the contract in the source list of material.

but when I empty a kanban, the PR item in the generated PO is empty, I mean that there is no reference to PR:

I want the generated PO automatically maintain both Contract and PR item. is it possible? or I should manually insert the PR item?

thank you for your helps.



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How did you create the PO? Please explain in detail step by step


Dear Mr. Juergen

Here is the procedure:

  1. Classic Kanban with strategy 0005 ( source list )
  2. In the source list for each vendor we have determined the contract number, which are referencing to PR when creating ( the contracts are referred to PR)
  3. In customizing for Kanban strategy, the order type is CRK1 ( which is one of our PO types)
  4. By setting a Kanban to empty in Kanban board, a PO number assigned to it, which includes the contract but not PR ( i.e POs generated automatically as a result of emptying the kanban cards.)

I want this POs include both of PR and Contract, not contract only.

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Jürgen L
Nov 29, 2017 at 09:39 AM

Your kanban process creates directly purchase orders, there is no PR in your process. The PR was used to create the contract, and is fulfilled. It is like doing a requisition to buy a bus (contract) and buying individual tickets for bus rides (POs with reference to contract). My bus ride has nothing to do with the requisition to buy the bus

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thank you Mr. Jurgen

in our company, supply planning department creates PRs and Purchasing department creates contracts. If POs has no reference to the PRs, the quantity of PRs remain open. that's the reason why I need the automatic reference of PO to PR and Contract. If there is no way possible, I should enter PR number manually and after that receipt the POs.


Why do you need that and do not just close the requisition?

for reporting purposes you can easily go from PO to contract to PR.

But process wise you decided not to use PRs for Kanban, instead creating POs directly., hence no PR involved, and your initial PR was probably manually created and was practically fulfilled with the creation of the contract.

Actually it should have had the document type RV instead of NB.