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How can I change color of a data line in Line Chart if the line is not visible in Designer?


I'm trying to set a color of data line in Line Chart using CR 2016 full Designer, but I cannot find the way to do it. The data line is not shown / not visible in Design mode, and in Preview mode the entire chart is empty / not visible. I use the ADO.Net data source and load data from the XML file programmatically in my dotNet viewer application. Probably the data is not shown in Designer's Preview mode because the data is not loaded.

I found the way to set the colors of the grid lines, axis lines, connector line, but cannot do it for the data line. How can I do it? Please help!

Thank you!

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  • Or another question: How can I load the TYPED xml data to Crystal Designer to view the report preview??

    When I use the "Set Datasource Location" to change the datasource to XML instead of XSD, I'm getting the error in formulas because all XML data fields are treated as strings instead of int.

    The schema file reference (xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation) exists in XML file, but it seems that Designer does not relate to this schema.


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