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Feb 25, 2008 at 10:58 PM

LSMW- Recording : Multiple Line Items


I am trying to create an LSMW recording that simulates transaction O3I7.

The thing is that we have different line items. This is similar to a sales order where we have header details and items details.

I created a recording. Then I created two structures. One header Structure and one Item structure. I define the specific header fields under the header structure and the item fields under the item structure.

However LSMW gives me an error. Because in LSMW each recording is considered as one target structure. I can't have more source structures than Target structures. Since I have One recording LSMW gives me an error.

I tried to create two recordings but this does not work since LSMW will read each one as a different transaction.

Does anyone know how to create LSMW recording with multiple line items so he/she can help?