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Bug when pressing Show More

Oct 19, 2016 at 07:41 AM


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another bug in the new community. When I go to the overview page like

you see 3 questions. When I press the "Show More" button now, a new object is added. This object show the title "Your question goes here" and is greyed out.

Every time I press the button "Show More" such a new item is created.

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2 Answers

Sajid Amir
Oct 19, 2016 at 03:56 PM

Hello Christoph,

This is actually not a bug! It is an out of the box feature from Answer Hub I believe. From a User point of view, it appears when the user has scrolled to the end of a list of Questions and have not found the question he/she had for the Community. Thus this function allows the user to add a question right from there. If you follow up, and click on the following:

you will be redirected to create a question:

Hope this helps.Thanks for taking the time to submit feedback and report issues!

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Hello Sajid,

but don't you think that displaying that "Your question goes here" one time should be enough? Why is the "Show more" button still there, if there is no more to show? Are you sure this is not a bug, when we can click it as often as we want to and get one "Your question goes here" after another?

If this appears one time, okay. Good feature to show me, that there is no more to see and I should create a question, if I'm not satisfied with the results.

But after it appears, the "Show more" button should disappear.




Hello Steffi,

I agree. I did not test that part through so thank you for raising this. It should definitely not show this feature multiple times when clicking show more repeatedly. I am forwarding to Moshe (owner for Questions and Answer) and will allow him to update on any IT ticket that may have been created (I am not sure).



Hello Steffi,

After discussing with Moshe, I have created a ticket for this bug. But want to let you know that I do not think that it can be prioritized above some of the other more pressing bugs/new features. I am happy to update again once the status of the ticket changes.



IMO it's not a priority either. But when the big ones are gone, it's nice to get this fixed because of the confusion it can create.

Thanks for the update, Sajid! :)

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Former Member Oct 19, 2016 at 07:51 AM

Hi Christoph,

Yes..Even I face the same issue/bug! I had earlier faced this with the Q&A link...After clicking on Show more button for 4 5 times..when the list is over(its not actually over but shows less items..I dont know why). Its a bug.....definately!


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