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namespace prefix changed after Upgrade

Nov 29, 2017 at 12:17 AM


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We have an ABAP proxy / Enterprise service working fine until we ran into some SP upgrade. For some reason the XML message generated from our ABAP proxy used to have only 1 prefix for the name space -n0-, but after SP install now the XML is including 2 additional prefixes -nm-, -ne- even though they point to the same namespace. So now we see a change like this:

orginal tag: <n0:[label]>

new tag: <ne:[label] xmlns:ne="uri....

So now instead of having 1 consistent prefix across all the XML we find 3 different prefix.

The proxy has not been regenerated, not manually at least.

Does anyone have an idea why the resulting XML is now showing 3 different prefix instead of 1 as before?

Thanks in advance!

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Dezso Pap
Nov 29, 2017 at 11:53 AM

Hi Bernal,

the prefixes should not matter as long as they point to the same namespace. All paricipants in a WS communication should be able to resolve the prefixes to the namespaces and the verification should happen on namesapece base.

The method how the XML message is generated evolved a lot during time. Most probably not the same runtime is in the two systems that generates the XML. This should not lead to any problem in WS-I compilant consumers / providers.

Best regards,

Dezso Pap

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