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Web IDE Bug: Code Editor Closes XML Tag Abruptly during Binding Definition

Nov 28, 2017 at 05:43 PM


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Web IDE version: 171123 (Multi-cloud)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a UI5 project with an XMLView in it
  2. In the XML file, define an arbitrary element.
  3. In that element, define a property with complex binding syntax that has a model name.
  4. End up having a closed XML tag right after the model name and ">" character inside the binding definition:
<Something bla="{
  path: 'modelName></Something>'

Any other information?


It's a common scenario for all UI5 application developers. It would be nice if this behavior gets finally fixed.


Update 2017/11/30: Since Web IDE is relying on the ace editor, I mentioned this behavior in a GitHub issue. One of the maintainers fixed this issue on the same day which can be tested here. It would be nice if Web IDE would update its ace editor plugin as soon as the fix is available.

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Boghyon Hoffmann Feb 04 at 03:26 PM

The fix is now publicly available in the ace editor as of version 1.3.0 which can be tested here.

When Web IDE updates its ace plugin, the fix should be available there too. You can see the currently used ace version by entering `ace.version` in the browser console.

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