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Feb 23, 2008 at 08:41 AM

Need Your help in the messge UDF


Hi All,

There is a small problem in my message mapping. Can anyone have a look at this and let me know the exact problem in this.

I just want to execute the try block and if there is any error then i have to catch this in the catch command.

I am writing a small UDF. When i am running this it is showing me the error in the mapping editor.



Source code has syntax error: /usr/sap/XD1/DVEBMGS03/j2ee/cluster/server0/./temp/classpath_resolver/Map1bcce1b0e1e311dcab730003bae4e429/source/com/sap/xi/tf/ missing return statement } ^ 1 error


Code Writen is :


MappingTrace addTrace;

addTrace = container.getTrace();

int i;

int j;

int k;



if( (a.equals("")) || (b.equals("")) || (c.equals("")))


return "A";


i = Integer.parseInt(a);

j = Integer.parseInt(b);

k = Integer.parseInt(c);

if (( i >= k ) && (k >= j))

return "B";


return "A";


catch(Exception e)


addTrace.addWarning("Failed to convert Last 3 charecter of to Interger");