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SAP MAM 3.0 Configuration

Hi All,

I have been trying to configure SAP MAM 3.0 since last week. There is lot of documentation and different SAP Notes which are making me of lots of confusion. I have downloaded all the required guides of SAP MAP Configuration guide,master guide and installation guide. Is there any other simple way to go through and config SAP MAM 3.0. Our Mobile middleware is Mobile 7.0 and SP13. I have checked all the previous forum discussions about this subject. Please share your experience who successfully implemented SAP MAM 3.0.

Thanks in advance.


Ameer Baba.

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1 Answer

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    Posted on Feb 22, 2008 at 11:21 PM

    Hi Ameer,

    well, getting MAM 3.0 working as such is not that difficult at all - to be honest. The problem comes later with the fine tuning. But we want to make it simple and easy - so you get the data down to the device and it gives you a starting point for all the docu.

    Ok, we say you have installed properly the MI 7.0 system, you can sync a mobile client, get a Mobile ID and a device ID and all works fine that far.

    Good, then lets start!

    The good thing is: on the backend, all necessary items are already there! The thing we need: configure an RFC connection from the backend to the middleware and one from the middleware to the backend. Look into the doku, cause the naming of these is unfortunately not free of choice. In my version it was necessary to name it MAM_MI.

    Ok, RFC established, next step is to upload the SyncBO definitions. Open the MEREP_MIG screen on the middleware and upload the SYNCBO definition from the CD that fits the backend plugin you have. This is usually either PI2004 or PI2005 in case of MAM3.0. In there you see if the naming of the RFC is correct - cause it shows you which RFC name it needs. If yours is not correct - simply create the one you need. 😉 Do not try to rename the requested RFC here in MEREP_PD - it is much easier to simply create a new RFC!

    Ok, now lets hop to the backend. We need to configure the MAM in SPRO. We open SPRO, drill down to the MAM settings and setup the stuff there we need. Basically we start with just as less limitations as possible by just adding the user, init the screens for order and notification selection and so on. Straight forwasd engineering and from the screens you should easily see what informartion you need to enter. If you have problems with that, ask your PM or SD people, they can help you with that - for sure!

    Compile and enable all these SyncBOs, you can even run the replicator for T01 BOs already. Check in Table MEREP207 on the middleware if all data is there. If you do that before the SPRO steps are done, you will get the message, that there is no mobile scenario for certain users - that is the reason why we do SPRO first.

    Then it gets a little more problematic: we need to implement and switch on Server driven replication pon the backend. Cause this is a little bit of a hassle (implement notes, switch on several settings, bla bla .... follow this guide:

    Voila, now even the server driven stuff runs.

    Upload the XMAM30.war file to the NWA, assign it to the device and deploy it ..... After a successfull deployment you should see the request of data in MEREP_MON for all MAM syncbos. Voila - now the basic stuff works fine.

    Whatever scenario you have chosen, you could get orders down if all is right. Lets say you said orders are assigned by person responsible. Assign the order to you in the backend and sync, then this order should come down to the device withj all other required thuings.

    If an order is not comming down - well, then go to the backend and run MAM30_001_GETLIST for your user - see if it is listed there. If not, check SPRO again.

    It is as easy as that to get a running MAM version at the first place. Takes you about 1 hour plus the server driven stuff - rest is then on top and fine tuning!

    Hope this helps to walk you through. If not - on my card you see my credentials. Feel free to contact me on either Skype or MSN - then I will guide you through.

    Have fun!


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