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How to properly reset the SAP BW upgrade? : Upgrade still running: logon not possible.

Nov 27, 2017 at 02:37 PM


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Hi Team,

When I'm trying to login to the system with the admin user / client 001 I'm facing this error.

Upgrade still running: logon not possible.

I was able to login only with DDIC user.

Can you pls help me to properly reset the upgrade?



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2 Answers

Vivek Anand
Dec 13, 2017 at 09:58 PM

Hi Arman,

Basically resetting of any upgrade depends on which phase were you in when the upgrade was stopped.

If it was during downtime, then you have to restore the system to the point before upgrade and delete all the SUM related directories and processes.

If it was before entering downtime , then you can do from SUM browser itself.

For more details ,check the guide 'Resetting the upgrade'.

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Matt Fraser
Nov 27, 2017 at 05:59 PM

Hi Arman,

Questions about installation and upgrade properly belong to the Software Logistics primary tag, so I've adjusted your tags accordingly. And, for upgrades and use of the SUM tool specifically, the secondary tag Software Logistics - System Maintenance applies.

Resetting the upgrade is described fully in the SUM guide. In the v19 guide, for instance, it's chapter 5.6 (under Running the Software Update Manager). Did the procedure described there not work for you?

Also, are you sure you need to reset? If all you need to do is logon with a non-DDIC user to adjust something, then probably you just need to "unlock" the system to allow you to do that. Or, depending on the phase you're in, perhaps you need to logon to the shadow system and not your original client. There is an extensive set of troubleshooting guides in the SUM guide's appendix.

If you need to unlock the original system to logon to fix something, you can do this from a command prompt on the server:

tp unlocksys <SID> pf=<path to instance profile>
tp unlock_eu <SID> pf=<path to instance profile>

Then logon normally with SAPGUI, do what you need to, then lock the system again before resuming the upgrade. The command syntax is the same as above, except the commands are tp lock_eu followed by tp locksys.


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