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Feb 22, 2008 at 01:20 PM

Maintain technical objects in sales order type OR not allowed



I would like to assign a Technical object (in my case a functional location) during a sales order creation (AUART OR). In the menu Extras --> Technical objects, it seems to be possible to do it but when I click on it. I receive an error message V1192 (Serial number profile is missing for material xx in plant xx). In order to avoid this error message I have maintained field Serial Number Profile (MARC-SERNP) with value 0002 at item level. Thanks to that, the error message is not displayed anymore but nothing happens and it is not possible to assign the functional location.

If I do it with a service contract (VA41) AUART WV, it works. A new screen (220 of SAPLIWOL) is displayed and the functional location can be assigned without any issues.

I have seen that the procedure SDW1 (sales order) or SDAU (contract) is checked in the Include MV45AF0F_FCODE_POTO. How could I influence this procedure because I would like to maintain this information in the sales order in order to use them when I will create my service order.

I have also seen that by maintaing field VBAP-SERAIL when the DA_VRGNG is equal SDW1, then the screen should be displayed but it is not working. Does someone has an idea?

Kind regards