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Oct 19, 2016 at 06:33 AM

Create a noted item with a negative value


Hello Everyone,

We are using VMS module of SAP, and this modules allow user to create invoices and create several down-payment requestions (noted items) to follow-up payments according to schedule agreed with the customer.

The implementation team developed a report that shows an ageing balance per customer, we can select Normal Items, Noted Items or both on the report. If we select only noted items, then we have down payment requests schedules. If we only select normal items we only have the fix amount of the invoice.

As there are some sales that are not paid by installments, the Finance Manager require to run the report with both two items, but this then provide wrong balances as it provide both real amount (Normal Items) and Payment schedules (note items), and misleads the users as the amont of the total of the invoice is almost doubled, and the instalment of the month of the invoice is wrong as we also consider the total amount of the invoice.

We are suggesting to create a negative noted item of same amoung as the invoice, so that this will correct the amount of required payment on the period of the invoice.

Let me illustrate my case : We agree to sell a 500 000 USD equipment to a customer, hi must pay 100 000 USD first month, 200 000 USD second month then we deliver the machine on second month, then must pay 100 000 on third month and 100 000 on fourth month.

We will create 4 down payments requests (through VMS) for in each of the four months, and record the the invoice on the second month (500 000 USD).

What we would like to do is to create a negative (500 000 USD) noted item in order to make clear the installments requests. This one will be reversed once the payments have been done.

Best regards,