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Hybris Marketing Twitter API keyword Query

Hi experts,

I have been doing research with Hybris Marketing Cloud and the twitter integration with the Sentiment Analysis App. I have noticed that SAP API Business Hub offers the API and documentation which is great on the surface.'fb881f1070eb4938b325d29468feebf0')/$value?attachment=false

After a deep dive I have noticed that the keyword entry for the query is in the API however it is very abstract how this is used. So I have the following questions:

  • Can the keyword field support more than one keyword?
  • If so what operation is there between the keyword (is it an AND or an OR)

There is a step in the documentation for creating other queries, I would hate that this is the only way of getting an AND query. Against this, I have another question...If I were to create another query as per the documentation, how would this land into the Sentiment Engagement App:

  • Both queries appearing into the same channel?
  • Queries being created as two separate channels?



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1 Answer

  • Dec 15, 2017 at 12:24 PM

    Hi Mike,

    not sure which documentation you're referring to - this one:'9d7161ad4ea8448e918acfb578306f68')/$value?attachment=false

    The Cloud Platform Integration based Iflow? If yes the answer is: "In the Twitter integration flow you can search for one set of defined keywords. If you would like to have a second integration flow which is searching for different keywords just copy the “SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud – Twitter Integration” package again from the integration catalog (Discover)."

    -> within one deployed IFlow you can enter 1...n keywords.


    (only in case as Endpoint you have selected Search)

    Specifies the keywords used to filter the results.

    Use commas to separate different keywords or a valid Twitter Search API query (for more information, go to published on non-SAP site).



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    • Hi Matthias,

      Thanks for the reply and for clearing up the keywords based search. I think the information that I am missing is operation that is performed on the Keywords that are entered into the IFlow. e.g. if we are searching for two keywords ("Cold" and "Coffee") separated by a comma, will the search Query be built using an AND or an OR. The results would be very different based on the operation.