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Feb 21, 2008 at 02:32 PM

abap to xml - call transformation



I am trying to create an xml file from ABAP internal table. My xml file is a multi-level structure, so my internal table is a bit complex, having multiple parent child tags defined.

Once my internal table is ready, I use call transformation ('ID') or call transformation ('ID_INDENT'), to convert my internal table into an xml stream.

The issue:

The third party program which is going to use this xml file, expects case-sensitive tags. Since I am converting my internal table into xml, all tags of generated xml file are in caps.

Any idea how can I have case sensitive xml tags?

I thought of using type abap_trans_srcbind_tab for defining my internal table. But that will not allow me to have multi-level parent-child tags.

Any help?

This is CRM 4.0 - SAP_ABA 620.