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Former Member
Feb 21, 2008 at 10:46 AM

Graphical Display in BEX


Good day

I need to update a graph from a query, but the graph must always include selected columns of the result area as well as new columns that may be added due to additional CALMONTH's. I do not want to display all columns. ie. currently only data for 200801 will disply in the query and without changing the source of the graph on a monthly basis, the graph must automatically pick up when 200802, 200803 etc is displayed in the refreshed query.

If I use the graph in BEX from the toolbar, then it will refresh will all the columns when refreshed, not just the required columns. If I use the Excel wizard to create a graph, then the graph will only display the areas that were selected when the graph was created.

Can someone please assist me?


Cj Faurie