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Cannot connect to projects running on Hana Express Streaming Analytics on Azure

Nov 27, 2017 at 08:41 PM


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I have a Hana Express instance on Azure and installed Streaming Analytics on top. I can connect to SA and deploy a project successfully from Hana Studio Streaming Plugin. However, I couldn't connect to running projects on Run&Test environment in Studio although I can see them as running from streamingclusteradmin utility.

I thought it is because of the internal and external IP address of the instance. In the Hana VM, I set the internal IP address as hxehost, but in my local machine (my laptop) I set external IP address as hxehost to connect to Hana and SA.

Dear community members, do you have any idea to connect to projects running on HANA Express SA on Azure?



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2 Answers

Bartosz Jarkowski Nov 28, 2017 at 09:13 AM

Maybe the ports are closed ? Check what are the rules of your Network Security Group.

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Robert Waywell
Nov 28, 2017 at 03:30 PM

When you created the connection to the streaming server from the Run-Test perspective in Studio did you specify Native or Web Services for the Protocol?

I believe the tutorial has you use the Native protocol. With a native connection, each project requires 3 project specific ports that, by default, are dynamically allocated when you start the project. Since they are dynamically allocated, the port #'s can change each time you start/restart the project. This is fine when you are working on an internal network and all ports are accessible but it is less desirable in a cloud environment where you want to limit the # of ports that you open on the server.

This blog post shows you how to configure the project to use a specific set of ports:

Specifying the Command Port to be used by a Smart Data Streaming Project

Alternatively, if you have configured the WSP and SWS then you can use the Web Services protocol for your Studio connection. In that case all communications will be over the HTTP(S) connection and only the WSP and SWS ports will need to be accessible.

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