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Nov 29, 2017 at 06:11 PM

Master Data X-Table


Hi Experts,

The scenario is related to understanding how the tables are linked in SAP BW-HANA. I read through few blogs and documents to understand the concept but could not get the correct picture of how the tables are used in SAP BW.

Scenario: The info-object 0CUSTOMER was being updated with 2 Info-objects created as its NAV ATTR. Now on activating the 0CUSTOMER, the X-Table got refreshed and has only 1 record in it with SID value as 0. On the contrary the P table has more than 3.5 million records.


1. Is it necessary that the P table and the X table should have the same count?

2. How is the X table gets the value from? How and when is it generated?

3. Info_cube contents when displayed using 0CUSTOMER and its Nav Attr, it return 0 records. However when only 0CUSTOMER is used then all the valid records are populated. Please confirm that in Info_Cube the SIDs being stored relates to the S-table of the info-objects (S-Customer) in this case and not the X-table. And it is this S-Table of 0CUSTOMER which is being joined to X-table to display the Nav.Attr.

The system which I am using is running on HANA DB.

Please help !