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BPM workflow with WDJ screens are possible to integarte wih My inbox?

Nov 27, 2017 at 03:34 PM


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Hi folks,

As I have checked the My inbox integration documents. I understand BPM workflow can be integarted to My inbox. But is it possible to integrate BPM process with WDJ screens to My inbox? Using any option like new tab/window.

If yes do we need to extend the My inbox to achive the same ?


Nandani Sharma

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2 Answers

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Vishnu Pankajakshan Panicker Nov 27, 2017 at 04:15 PM

Hi Nandani,

Yes its possible.You should follow the following steps:

1) Provide you WDJ Url to the BPM Consultant and ask him to configure it there

2)Since its a WDJ get the information about claiming a task from Myinbox.
In a Ideal scenario we will go for Custom Fiori Application so that all the Claiming process API will be generated and the
the BPM consultants would provide us the Stub/Skeleton of UI5 screens where we can make the required changes.
3) For you information , from BPM any Urls can be configured from BPM and it will be available to respective users

with Task Ids and differentiate the Myinbox Work item.

4) And as a best practice i would suggest you to convert the WDJ to a custom Fiori Application.

5) If the WDJ has any approval scenario you should handle accordingly discussing that with a BPM consultant.

6) If the requirement is just to show the WDJ in another window, then it's not required to extend it.Once the WDJ URL is configured in BPM it can be opened from 'Open Task' Button of the My Inbox Application.
7)Extending and showing a custom SAP UI5 View can be done provided the workflow is an ABAP Workflow.

Let me know if you need anymore information.


Vishnu P

Happy Coding :)

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Nandani Sharma Dec 08, 2017 at 05:53 AM

Hi Vishnu,

Thank you for your response.

As checked we have option for defining workflow scenarios and add decisions for Business workflow. Do we have same option for BPM ? or we need to configure the BPM and custom UI5 screens for adding more features and options on Detail screen?


Nandani Sharma

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