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SAP TREX - Index cannot be deleted

Nov 27, 2017 at 02:26 PM


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I've had to delete and recreate search indexes for TREX a couple times in the past, and never had any issues. However, last week after deleting the search connectors and recreating them I am getting the 2043 error:

Error message: an index with the same name was not completely deleted, and trying to cuserslowerycmdesktopindexerror.jpgdelete these old files failed.;index=esh:afd400~afd400~aetyp~aetyp_phys,location=pmurtpflvd01:3

(see attached image). The problem is that on the Index Landscape there is no esh:afd400~afd400~aetyp~aetyp_phys index. I've tried several times to delete all the search connectors from the cockpit, then delete all the esh:afd400~afd400~ indexes, restart the index server and rebuild the connectors, but they always fail and give me the same 2043 error mentioned above. Any recommendations on how I can find this esh:afd400~afd400~aetyp~aetyp_phys index to properly delete it since it does not appear in the Index Landscape?

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