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Feb 20, 2008 at 02:31 PM

Problem in configuring UDDI Server Registry - No access to ES Workplace


Dear All

Quest 1. I want to access Service Registry of the ES Workplace so I set the parameters for the UDDI, like this:

When I am typing the URL, http://<localhost>:<port>/sr, it is giving error:

The error is: code: 29100 detail message: An exception occurred while obtaining UDDI Logical Ports. Please, check your configuration settings (UDDI Endpoint or UDDI wsdl file) Connection reset

Earlier I set the parameters as the default one that were created at the time of installation and at that time I was able to see the services from the ES Workplace.

I want to know one thing how can I set Service Registry on my landscape.

I also set the parameters in NWA: like

http://<localhost>:<port>/nwa > SOA Management > Destination Template Management >




The input for the above 3 I got from many blogs.

Quest 2: Yes I have configured the proxy settings to access the server from outside.

Here is a look at the parameters:

UDDI Service



Server HTTPS Port:50043

Inquiry Path:uddi/api/inquiry

Publish Path:uddi/api/publish

Security Path:uddi/api/security

Classification Service


Server Port:50000

Server HTTPS Port:50043

Classification Path:ClassificationService/CS?style=document

When I right click on external > Import Web Service > Service Registry > Giving error Unable to connect to Services Registry

When I right click on external > Import Web Service > Enterprise Service Repository > Ask for User Id and Pwd. On giving ES Workplace User ID and Pwd, it gives error message 'Enterprise Service Repository is currently not available'.

For this I set the parameters in the NWDS as:

ESR System:HU2


ESR Http Port:59100

ESR Https Port:59101

When I am going to Visual Comaposer and try to get the services from the ES Workplace again it is giving error like ' Could Not Receive Classifications from UDDI server. Please change the UDDI Server'

In NWA > SOA Management > Destination Template Management > CLASSIFICATION_DESTINATION

The parameter for this are:


Destination Type: WSDL


Socket Timeout : 60000

System: Java


Authentication : HTTP Authentication

Choose User ID/Password(Basic)

User ID: sruser

Password: eswork123

Confirm Password: eswork123

One strange thing has happened, when I am typing the URL http://<hostname>:<port>/index.html > UDDI Client > I am getting Null Pointer Exception and after some seconds the data on the page goes off.

Now if I want to edit the parameters for the UDDI settings, how can I do that ??

Can any one help me in this.....



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