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Feb 20, 2008 at 11:58 AM

Deleting Positiontexts of Factura programically (only of Position 1)


Hi developers,

I have an urgent problem:

If I choose transaction VF02 and afterwards a faktura, then I get displayed the positions of this faktura. What I want is to delete the positiontexts of the first position of certain fakturas (about 300.000 fakturas available!). Manually, I would click double-click on the first faktura position to get datails about the first position. The details also have a tab called "Position texts". What I actually want is to delete the "positio notes". Of course I don't want to to this manually. I need to write some ABAP programm, that selects the fakturas and then delets corresponding the texts. But I do not know how to delete the texts. They must be stored in some database table, right? But where exactly??

Any help is appreciated!!!!