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Feb 20, 2008 at 10:50 AM

Scripts Issue


Hi All,

I need your suggestions/help regarding a couple of issues im facing in scripts.

1) While developing cheque printing, I have used the standard program and the standard script but copied the script to a local one and did changes to the same. Now I do not need a page for my development, If i delete the page as a whole im getting an error, if Im deleting all the page windows in that particular page then Im getting a blank page. Kindly suggest me how to go about this.

2) The value of the field DMBTR in the database is stored in correct format as say, 21,400.00

But in the script it is showing me a value of 21.400,00 [The coma and the decimal are interchanged], Ive checked my user settings also and they are fine. Because of this Im unable to do any calculations also in my subroutines which follow. Kindly lemme know how to fix this.