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Feb 20, 2008 at 09:27 AM

Valuation of Stock



Actually for a material A when i see the stock in MM03 in accounting tab i see less stock

then when i see in MMBE

i.e in MMBE if i select Material A and Plant B(Which is depo in my case) i see stock as 39

but for same material MAterial A and Plant B ,if i see in MM03 --in accounting tab i m able

to see less stock i.e only 1

I have checked the history of that particular Item in MB51

I have gone through all the documents created for this material

Now this material also exist in DEPO which is located at chennai and plant is at mumbai

So Initially in the year-2006(31-10-2006) whater documents are created i.e STOP has been created and delivery has been made (Mov type-601)

are non valuated stock ,means they have been posted without any valuation

But from year 2007(01.02.2007) the documents whiohc have been posted are valuated

i.e is the reason when i am executing transaction MRN9 to check the history of valuated stock

I cant see non valuated stock

Well now how to do the valuation of this stock which have been posted in year 2006 so that

In MMBE and MM03 there is no difference of stock

Plz hepl