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Missing Information in SQLM Result Data

We use SQLM to identify Z-Coding which must be optimized. Therefore we show our DBA the result of the SQLM Run out of 1 complete week in our Production System. These result then he compared to his own results out of ST03 for example.

And there is one thing which lead me to a complete lack of understanding.In the Listing of our DBA are statement which for example say that there are 8.000 Buffer gets which lead in Total to a time of 20 Hours and in the SQLM result I only have 900 Seconds in Total for this Statement. The correct result is the one from the DBA List.

The Statment itself containt an SELECT FOR ALL ENTRIES, where in the internal table are about 40.000 records and in the Transparent Table nearly 5 Millions records

It seems as if SQLM didn't records the Buffer Gets and lead us to wrong result in Total

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