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BEx retire to Analysis for MS Office and Lumira 2.0 -- Are they free

Nov 23, 2017 at 03:41 AM


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Hi All,

We have BW 7.5 on HANA - BWH and BW 7.3 on Oracle - BWO

We used BEX and WAD mainly on BWO , some BEx are even used in BO 4.2 WEBI reporting as well.

Now with BWH we want start new , we want to create reporting using Analysis for MS Office and Lumira 2.0 tools. But our question is does we need to have Business Objects license in full ? and separate servers which was not the case with BEX tools it was free with BW.

Is this well thought step from SAP forcing to buy new tools , we understand teh power of HANA so we are moving on BWH , but reporting should come as free with BWH like BEx.

Any thoughts how companies are managing this cost? What business benefits we get with this BO extra buy?

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2 Answers

Tammy Powlas
Nov 27, 2017 at 10:16 AM

Buying the products should be a discussion with the SAP Account Executive; you can also just use the clients and not install on the server, depending on the use case. SAP is investing in Analysis Office and it has easy to use features (no training required) and is a hybrid client, meaning it can be used on premise or in the cloud.

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Thanks Tammy Appreciate your reply.

At this moment as I mention we already has Enterprise BO 4.2 as well along with BW.

My main question was around Like BEx tols were free along with BW earlier for reporting , with new BW also something like that should have come.

Also I still think Analysis for Office is not yet mature as Bex analyzer was , as we were able to put the workbooks on SAP portal , users were able to broadcast reports, we were able to share the BEx workbooks across the user community over web as Portal favorites

So its more about user community questions how they are balancing between costly Projects of migrations from BEx objects , justifying business users saying we are changing tools so you need to be onboarded with new tools.

They will for sure ask how to broadcast , how to share with users..... ( not from BO launchpad..)




Some new scheduling features are planned for 2.6 - planned for the next few weeks - see

Why do you not want to share from the BI Launchpad?


Thanks Tammy for quick reply , The blog is really helpful to know what is coming.

One issue of using Launchpad is our users then start expecting Universe on BW that also single one on whole BW , which near to impossible to design. Yes it needs lots of training and change management from IT to users community.

Secondly , users has to keep moving themselves between AMSO and Launchpad , when users are already in excel by using AMSO , they want to do stuff there only like broadcasting , sharing.

Lastly we did not explore how to save a direct connection to BW based AMSO query on launchpad and users can execute/view reports from there directly with the need of creating direct connection in BO side.

How Data will be fetch runtime in launchpad incase a user execute the query created by AMSO.

Hope you understand I am trying to see how can we or let users creates their query using AMSO and share via BO Launchpad like we used to do with SAP Portal iviews ( where users just execute the link and see data and fill prompts/variables if there is one)




Mukesh - what is "AMSO"? I don't know that acronym


sorry , AMSO - (A) Analysis for (M)MicroS(S)oft (O)Office


For the universe, Live Office is still needed, but both add-ins can be active at the same time.


Thanks Tammy,

Can you share these setting or steps , I am not able to find a document where i can see what needs to be done for migrating BEX/WAD to AMSO or Live office , what to do where like:

1. Perform these steps in BW side.

2. Perform these steps in AMSO side

3. Perform these steps in BO 4.2 side

4. Pre-requisites for certain settings

Koen Hesters Nov 24, 2017 at 02:28 PM
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Thansk , I am going through it