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How can i trigger my code when modifying an object (in se38 for example)

Nov 22, 2017 at 10:42 PM


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Hello All,

I try to add an implementation of a the bADI "CTS_CURRENT_PROJECT" , i put a code there but i want to triggered just in modification of the program or the object in general , can anyone tell me how i can do that , i try to use the T180 structure to determine if i'm in change mode but the structure is empty in debug

Thanks in advance

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To my knowledge, T180 is solely for transaction data related T Codes like Sales Order,Purchase Order etc and is not applicable for SE38 kindaa transactions.

Do you mind sharing what is the objective of your development ?



I don't understand what you're trying to achieve. This BAdI is meant for the transport requests only, but you are talking about running code when modifying object. You modify some program, you compile, and you run it. What else do you need?


Thanks in advance for you responses ,

My need is to compare the versions of this object in different systems ( DEV , QAL , and Production ) , i developped a program that contains an ALV OO and i insert it into this BAdI , and i want to trigger it just when modifying an object , You see ?



Why reinventing the wheel, when SAP has a beautiful standard mechanism to do version comparision.

I think you need to use your skill in ABAP progamming, judiciously.



In version comparision , SAP gives you just to compare between two systems , not 3 and the user want to see the state of the current object when he press the change mode . my custom program is right when i give him parameters : the object type and the object name he search for the versions in Quality and Production systems and it gives the informations showing TOs and where they are in all systems !

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