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How to delete data for one value assignment for multiple specifications

Nov 27, 2017 at 03:44 PM


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Hi ,

I was uploaded data in 9200 specifications Value assignment SAP_EHS_1023_043 but in load file user given wrong Characteristic.

Data was uploaded wrongly,like below

Now i want to update Regulatory Basis and Regulatory list when i was trying to give only this 2 missing values in OCC file and upload it , its not getting updated but when i delete data entire value assignment data for SAP_EHS_1023_043 and update it freshly with missing data its getting updated.

Now i want to upload in bulk , i have to delete complete data first ?

if yes, How to delete only the VAT SAP_EHS_1023_043 fro 9200 specs

or is there anyway i update only Regulatory basis and Regulatory list ?



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2 Answers

Christoph Bergemann Nov 29, 2017 at 07:46 PM


For such issues: many companies do write "own" ABAP" code. But before you start to look for ABAP code ask your self the following questions:

1.) what has happened?

2.) what was wrong?

3.) can I avoid the same issue?

I believe you can use "Standard" import to delete "all data" (only spec jheader will stay). But I am not sure for data in one "property"

OVerall: In EHS you have nearly no suitable "good" option for data management (as in your case). That means:

If you start mass updates using OCC or SAP standard import there are not really many options to get rid of "data" error (if the data is still part of database)

Therefore: step 1: check standard import. I believe you can use it for mass "deletion"

Step 2: if such error (or similar one) might happen often: check the standard options of SAP EHS. E.g. by using "hit list" and a "secondary data user exit" you can prepare whatever kind of solution to select specific data (using some clear criteria) to either update or delete them (and OCC is prepared like that (as an user exit for "insert")


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Mark Pfister
Dec 04, 2017 at 07:52 AM

HI Satya,

Since you are anyhow using the data editor functionality of OCC for loading the data you can use it to overwrite / or delete the data as needed.
This works nicely if you have set different data sources for each property you loaded .

To my knowledege you can't delete specfic characteristics.



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Hi Mark,

Surprisingly i can't even overwrite the data with new data also,delete also not working if i give empty load for this characteristics, Can you please guide me how to overwrite or delete ?

For over ride i changed the load sheet but its not getting over ride on online mode. I didnt try offline mode. Delete i used empty only with Characteristics none of them worked for me.



Hi Satya,

I don't think this works in online mode. You need to create a loadfile and import in offline mode in order to overwrite the data.




Hi Ralph,

I was tried in offline and online mode, unfortunate it is not getting override. But if i delete it and load the entire data again then it is updating the fields. But not in the case of override .




Hello Ralph Paczkowski,

I was trying to upload in offline mode by selecting the deletion type 4 , But it is deleting the data in other value assignment too for example : i was try to load the data for SAP_EHS_1023_043 , it is deleting other existing data in SAP_EHS_1023_090 and all other.

Is there anyway in offline i can overwrite or delete only SAP_EHS_1023_043.

Now complete data getting deleted and my new data for SAP_EHS_1023_043 getting updated. But i dont want to delete old data for other VAT.

Please help me is there anyway.



Satyanarayana Reddy

Hi Satya,

You need to create a property tree that only has SAP_EHS_1023_043 defined as VAT. Important: You need to set the import flag when defining this property tree! Then you create a load file that includes all data for all characteristics of SAP_EHS_1023_043 that you want to import. When you import this file, select the property tree you created and use import Spec. deletion tpe 4 (Delete all spec data specifying value assignment types). This way you overwite the data on your specs with those defined in the load file.



This is perfect way.

But we created a custom transaction using BUS_1077_delete which deleted the old one again i was created newly.

And the process need customization changes and need to move to PRD right. So creating program help to solve this.

Thanks mate.


Dear all

I have read the "OCC handbook". I still don'T get the story how to "delete" the data (that means. how to use OCC so that deletion is possible). I have an "idea" and i believe that Mark is correct. Deletion is may be only possible in "offline" mode.

I know that for regulatory update: the deletion is "mandatory" (not knowing the details how to use the tool "exactly" for such cases).

In any case: for offline mode: as we use here EHS standard capabilities: as you might know: there is only one option for "deletion" of data using one parameter. BUT this works only, if the data of interest was never changed by a user..

This is not always the case. I am pretty sure that many consultants in many scenarios have used either the "old" Data Editor or the OCC option or EHS standard import capabilities to load data to EHS. And i am pretty sure: there was always a chance to "such" errors as discussed now.

I would be interested to get feedback how such issues have been handled (either with Data Editor, OCC etc.).

May be you (Mark) can share some "high level" approaches used so far.


PS: we have introduced some own developped tools to cover such load issues