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Feb 19, 2008 at 10:20 AM

error value node is created without a reference


Hi all!

I am terribly stuck here.

I have a sub component which I am feeding with a model object. the sub component binds it to its node.

the main component has a list of those objects, i want to use a number of sub components and inject seperate objects in the sub components in that way.

the model object has a List getStuff() method. when loading the screen it gives me a "value node is created without a reference exception"...

the list is not actually a private field, it is loaded in the getter. DataNodeInfo(DlgBlockCompInterface.ILgDlgMeldungVB.Kostendaten): value node is created without a reference

DlgBlockComp is a subcomponent, the ILgDlgMeldungVB is the object, which is injected into the sub component. kostendaten is the List...

any idea what it tries to tell me?

the object is at no point null, nor the kostendaten list