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Extended Notifications aren't working in SAP Workflow. What could be the issue?

Nov 26, 2017 at 05:45 PM


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Dear fellow community members,

I have been trying to learn SAP Workflow and I'm a beginner. Pardon me if my questions are very basic. I have created a Workflow with a 'Decision' step and 2 'Send Mail' steps as shown in the figure below:

When I execute the Workflow manually through SWDD, the Workflow is getting executed successfully and a workitem is getting generated in my SAP inbox which I can see using SBWP. However, the workitem/notification isn't getting delivered to my Outlook mail as it should be the case under 'Extended Notifications'. I have done the necessary configurations using SWNCONFIG by following the steps given in the below link:

Also, I have scheduled a job using SM36 to run SWN_SELSEN program every 15 minutes once. My SCOT settings for SMTP node/external mail are done appropriately and is working as I have other applications that send mails daily to my Outlook inbox. Despite all these, workitems/Workflow 'Decision' step notifications aren't getting delivered to my Outlook inbox. When I check the job log using SLG1, it shows that the job is executing SWN_SELSEN every 15 minutes and the status under 'Problem class Medium' reads the following:

I'm unable to figure out why the messages aren't being sent to my Outlook inbox. I would request you all to help me in this regard. It would be great if I can get any solution on this. Thank you very much in advance. :)

-Rohan Venkatesh

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1 Answer

Rob Dielemans Nov 28, 2017 at 12:01 PM


Common beginner misstake, so no worries, to mix emails and workitems.

Extended notifications is used to create and email from a workitem like a user decision and to send it to the user to be able to execute it from the email inbox.

Your requirement is simply sending emails to the email address of the user, correct?

In that case make sure that the users have a valid email address with communication method INT-Email.

Then you have to check SO16, last tab if Send to Home Address of User is clicked.

And lastly report RSCONN01 must be scheduled to send the email out.

If these steps do not result in emails. Then please check if the system is even allowed to send emails. you can check this by going to system-->short message (from any SAP screeen) and then type a message to recipient type internet address with the email. If this is not working then it is most likely prohibited from SCOT settings. In that case please get extra help from your SAP Basis team.

Kind regards, Rob Dielemans

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Oops! My bad you were referring to user decision.

In that case, check the subscription setting if the task is part of the selection.

And also check if the user has a valid email address.

Kind regards, Rob Dielemans

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Dear Rob,

Thank you very much for your reply. Yes, as you have figured out, I was referring to the user decision. I have made the subscription settings as given in the link I have pasted along with my post. PFB the screenshot of my subscription settings:

Subscription Basic Data:

Subscription Settings:

Kindly let me know if anything needs to changed or corrected.

And regarding the validity of the Email address, yes the user has a valid Email address and SCOT/SICF configurations are also rightly enabled as I have other applications sending mails to my outlook inbox.

-Rohan Venkatesh

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