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Text determination

hi all,

can anyone explain me the usage of text determination in SAP SD with a business scenario.



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3 Answers

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    Feb 19, 2008 at 05:39 AM

    Text determination is actually used to copy a TEXT

    1) Either from master records (customer &material master) to the sales transactions.

    2).Between the sales transactions (sales order to delivery)


    If u want to maintain a quote/information(regarding the behoviour)of customer or material, u can maintain in the respective masters and it will be further passed to the sales order. while order entry processing, that info will be used by the order entering person or managers to take a decision.

    Ex: For materials -- dangerous goods, fragile goods like that

    For customers -- Good customers

    Hope it is useful..

    Reward points if useful...

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    Feb 19, 2008 at 05:48 AM


    Text determination used to give specific data manually, which is used for further information purpose.

    For this you can create fields also make some of them as cumpolsory fields. These are maintained in header level.

    For example:

    This can be used in any kind of business scenarios, when the end user wants to write about Technical details sent by the customer he can enter those technical details in header texts, price part, transport details, Advance bank gurantee details, Warranty, insurance, Penalty if not paid in time.

    Also these fields can be attached to out put determination on order output or inovice output with the help of ABAPER using Smart forms, so that all this data will be available on the invoices sent to customer.

    For customization you have to goto

    SPRO>IMG>SD>Basic functions>Text determination.

    Here you can maintain seperately for header level , item level, for sales documents, delivery, billing etc...

    Hope this will helped you understanding.

    Reward points if you feel it is ok.



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    Feb 19, 2008 at 06:52 AM

    Hi Rajashekhar,

    Suppose if you want to display the Lorry Number on the commercial invoice when you are despatching the goods. Also you have no field available for you to enter the Lorry No. So in this case you will go for "text determination" for "billing documents". The scenario can be explained as under:

    You can maintain texts for

    1. Customer

    2. Info record

    3. Pricing conditions

    4. Sales Document

    5. Deliver

    6. Billing Document

    7. Sales activity

    8. Shipment

    9. Financial Document

    10. Legal control

    11. Agency business

    12. Trading contract


    1) Transaction code VOTXN - enter - select Billing document header - click on text types - (message - Caution: The table is cross-client) - press enter - click on new entries - enter a 4 digit "alphanumeric code" say "L001" & a description explaining "LORRY NUMBER" - save the entries - go back to initial screen of VOTXN transaction code.

    2) the billing document header should remain selected - now click on "change" - select text procedure - click on new entries - create new one - save.

    3) select the text procedure created - double click on Text IDs in Text Procedure - click on new entries - you can enter the sequence as starting from 1,2,3.. or 10,20,30..... like that. - enter the text ID created in step no. 1 - press enter - select the access sequence - save the entries.

    If you want to create a new access sequence to be entered in the Text procedure created before then

    4) click on "access sequences" - click on new entries - create a new one & save.

    5) select the access sequence created - double click on "access sequence for text IDs" - enter the Seq. no. as 10,20,30....... - select the text object as "VBBK" (VBBK - because you want the text ID to be entered at the header level of the billing document) - enter the text ID created in step no. 1 - save the entries.

    6) You can go back - click on text procedures - select your text procedure - double click on text IDs in text procedures - change the access sequence for your text ID - save the settings.

    7) Double click on "text procedure assignment" - select your billing document type say "F2" - enter the "text determination procedure" created in step no. 3. in the column no.2 - if you want the same procedure at the item level then enter the same procedure in column no.3. - Save the settings.

    Now create a sales order - create the delivery - do the PGI - create the invoice using transaction code VF01 - go to header details - click on the header text tab - here you will see the text ID for LORRY NUMBER - double click on the same - enter a description in the space provided - save the billing document.

    NOTE: For displaying the Lorry No. on the print out of the invoice you have to give the "text ID" "L001" to your ABAPER who will include it in the print program &also make provisions on the script of the layout.

    Hope this makes you understand the text determination procedure completely.

    Reward points if solution helps.


    Allabaqsh G. Patil

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