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How to reverse statistical FI-CA documents during IS-U invoicing

Nov 25, 2017 at 03:38 PM


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It is necessary during the IS-U invoicing to reverse the statistical FI-CA documents of the advance payment request (3000/50) for contract.
In events for IS-U invoicing I found only the event R402, but there is only the creation of additional documents, but there is no reversal.

There is an event 2630 in convergent invoicing, which is ideal for this purpose, but it is not called when IS-U invoicing.
Can you suggest a suitable event for IS-U invoicing?
Or how to trigger event 2630 in IS-U invoicing?
Maybe there is some other way to solve the problem?

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Anton - can you provide more details? it is not clear why an AA document is relevant here - nor how it is related to down payments or ISU invoicing.


Hi. sorry for the typo. not FI-AA, but FI-CA

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2 Answers

Amlan Banerjee
Nov 26, 2017 at 10:12 PM

Hi Anton,

Reversing a FICA document during invoicing can be risky.

Rather than reversing the Statistical Document, can you not post an offset entry of the Statistical document entry using Event R402?

The account maintanance during Invoicing functionality triggers after the event R402 and so in this scenario, the Statistical doc and its offset entry will negate each other and is as good as reversing the Stat Doc in the first place.

Alternatively, look for Event R433, this event is used for performing addtional activities after invoicing is being triggerred from previous invoicing events.



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Anton Ermalyuk
Nov 27, 2017 at 10:01 AM

Amlan Banerjee, thaks a lot! If I post an offset entry of the Statistical document entry, then there will be 2 open statistical positions in contract account - it's unacceptable. Can I directly post reverse document in Event R433 ? Is there any FI-CA events (like Event 0030) ?

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There will not be open statistical items, they will clear each other with the account maintanance run which runs during invoicing, if you have activated it as a part of Standard SAP functionality.

If you haven't, then once you have created the offset entry in event R402, mark it as global variable and call the same in event R433 to perfrom the clearing using standard FM, FKK_CREATE_DOC_AND_CLEAR

Another event you can look for is event 0020.




Thank you, Amlan! How can I create offset in event R402? Is there any FM ?