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Feb 18, 2008 at 11:01 PM

Q: How to issue point-to-point conn ABAP proxy to PC*Miler distance calc


We are looking for direction as to how we can directly talk to PCMiler (ALK Technologies for getting distance calulations for shipping) via an ABAP Proxy program in our SAP ECC system. Currently we route the ABAP Proxy call to XI where it is then picked up by a JAVA Proxy then passed on to PCMiler residing on one of our servers. The problem we are experiencing is periodic disconnects in the Java stack that timeout the response back from PCMiler thus causing shipment backups. So our goal is to move the communications off XI and have a direct point to point call from the ABAP proxy to the PCMiler application (.Net appication). In SDN any search on "PCMiler" points to SAP DDS module which integrates with PCMiler which is very specific to DDS just requiring configuration. Older issues seem to suggest that you had to go through SAP Business connector; of course that was prior to XI/PI which is the current middleware. PC*Miler has a TCP/IP interface but again my question is can I have an SAP ABAP Proxy call the .Net application directly and if so how.


Dereck Purnell