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Feb 18, 2008 at 03:38 PM

Change Payroll Area Problem


We have been running a UK Payroll for some years and we have recently taken on a Swiss practice into our SAP HR System. We will be paying the Swiss via a Third Party Provider (TPP) and sending an Interface file using PU12.

So, we have Payroll Areas G7 (UK Monthly) and GA (Switzerland monthly).

We have the situation where an employee transfers from G7 to GA on the first of February. However, there are some payments that relate to January. (These have only come to light after the January Payroll has been run and closed off.) These payments should be included in the employee's UK Tax Figures. When we input the changes the system said that they are "Retro" payments, but when we run the G7 Payroll in February the system ignores the employee because the employee is now in GA in February.

Note that the way the Companies are set up, the Swiss Company is held as part of the UK Company and so has the same MOLGA.

Does any-one know how we run the employee for G7 in February whilst maintaining the fact the employee is in GA for the whole of February.

Thanks & Regards