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Wrong GL Posting after migo

Dear Experts,

I am getting wrong GL posting after MIGO.

While doing GR through 101 movement type GBB-BSX (Inventory) and WRX (GR/IR clearing) will come into picture but in my case Only half of the PO amount posted in BSX from the total amount and remaining PO amount is posted in Gain/Loss Prize variance account.


Total Po order Quantity – 8000

PO Net prize -1.61 USD, Material Master Prize – 1.85 and V Price

Uom – BR to Gal = 1BR is equal to 42 GAL =8000*42=336000

Here I am doing MIGO two times 4000*2=8000 BR / 33600/2=168000 GAL

First GR: In purchase order history its showing the Proper prize but in the accounting side the total amount is posted in different GL account for first 4000 QTY like below screenshot

In inventory only 124074.07 only posted and the remaining amount 149,275.37 was posted in Gain/Loss Prize variance account

Second GR: While doing remaining 4000 QTY quantity the posting is happening totally opposite to the first one.

I want to know why the wrong posting is happing while doing MIGO and from where the prices was calculating, When the Gain/loss account will come in to picture.

Could you please provide solution for the above issue.

1.png (25.4 kB)
2.png (15.3 kB)
3.png (15.7 kB)
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2 Answers

  • Nov 23, 2017 at 02:46 PM
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  • Dec 01, 2017 at 12:03 PM

    I am currently looking at your initial screenshot of the purchase order history, right the first one in your question.

    I see there entries with the short text NeuR, I googled a bit, found table T163B which has all different short texts, and see the long text neutral accrual. I then searched for OSS notes with the term NeuR and restricted the results to MM and found from the notes that such entry is related to transaction MRNB, which is Revaluation for a purchasing document.

    I have to admit that I never touched, so I searched for the documentation and found this

    And here is explained that it is transaction key RAP, this may answer the question in your last comment.

    As I never worked with this MRNB revaluation I can't actually answer whether this is influencing (I guess it is) the postings you see.

    What confuses me and probably the others who participated in this discussion too, is probably that you never mentioned anything about this revaluation process, you just said you posted the invoice after the receipt.

    Is there more PO history than shown in your initial screenshot?

    Or is this all and we just assumed that you used MIRO to post the invoice instead of MRNB?

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