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Nov 23, 2017 at 01:49 PM

Fiori Elements List Report annotation ValueHelp with association


Hi all,

I'm using the Fiori elements List report app with smart filter and table. In my filter I want to use a valuehelp. For this valuehelp I have a OData entity with an association so I could reuse the entity in gateway. When using this association, the valuehelp is loading the data but it's not showing anything in the table:

When I try exactly the same, with the same data, without the association, then it works:

Annotation code:

<Annotations Target="ZPM_WO_REP_SRV.WorkOrder/AufkZzobjectType">
	<Annotation Term="Common.ValueList">
		<Record Type="Common.ValueListType">
			<PropertyValue Property="CollectionPath" String="FiltersSet('Object%20type')/Values"/>
			<PropertyValue Property="Parameters">
					<Record Type="Common.ValueListParameterOut">
						<PropertyValue Property="LocalDataProperty" PropertyPath="AufkZzobjectType"/>
						<PropertyValue Property="ValueListProperty" String="Key"/>
					<Record Type="Common.ValueListParameterDisplayOnly">
						<PropertyValue Property="ValueListProperty" String="Text"/>
			<PropertyValue Property="SearchSupported" Bool="true"/>
			<PropertyValue Property="CollectionRoot" String="FilterValuesSet"/>

Anyone else has this problem?

Many thanks in advance!