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Feb 18, 2008 at 07:58 AM

Change date in sales position with BADI 'CRM_SALES_BADI'


Hi Everybody.

I need some help about this:

I am using the BADI 'CRM_SALES_BADI' in order to change some fields in the sales order while creating with CRMD_ORDER transaction.

I've changed the Pricing date (Prices Tab), Reference date (General Tab) and Rqstd. Delivery date (Shipping Tab).

What I need now is to change the Request Date in the order positions, and I've trying for days; but I couldn't do it yet.

First, I am using the FM 'CRM_ORDER_READ' throught the order GUID, and I obtain the et_schedlin table with positions.

After that, I am using FM 'CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN_SINGLE_OW' to save the changes I made; and I get sy-subrc = 0; but nothing changes at order positions.

I think I'm doing something wrong, cause table et_schedlin I get with 'CRM_ORDER_READ' has not the same structure of it_schedlin_i parameter in 'CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN_SINGLE_NOW' and I must to create a internal table with the correct structure to use with that function; and I don't know how to build it correctly.

Could somebody give me some help?

A lot of thanks!!!

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