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Nov 22, 2017 at 04:19 PM

How do i connect two queries from SAP Universes to an Excel file as connecting Table?

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I have two queries that come from universes connected to SAP. I am trying to connect details down to an "Agent Name".

The issue:

One universe has agent name as NameA: "FirstName LastName" the other NameB:"FirstName.LastName". Unfortunately these wont always match exactly as some profiles include "-" or middle name.

I created an excel table which has the corresponding NameA and Name B as it is given in the queries.

I attempted to Merge NameA in the excel file to NameA in Query 1. and NameB in the Excel file to NameB in Query 2.

I see that if i Make a table with NameA from the Excel file i can attach measures from Query 1 i get the information detailed to that NameA. But, if i add measures from Query 2, i get a Total of the measure NOT associated to NameA

If i change the name to NameB i get the opposite; details to NameB from Query 2, and Total for the Measure from Queary 1.

Looking for suggestions to get the details as per below:


Here is an example of the data.

table on top is an example of the Excel File *then see NameA(Query 1) and NameB from Query 2

I would like to have these show as

But it will either show full Totals for Calls Answered or full Totals for Cases, or both. or 0

something like this


sxv4v.png (4.1 kB)
kf8j6.png (4.3 kB)
jni6i.png (5.2 kB)
2wkj5.png (7.6 kB)
loh0b.png (61.7 kB)
nwhyk.png (5.5 kB)