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Deploy UI5 application from BSP to Fiori Launchpad problem !!

Nov 27, 2017 at 01:04 PM


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Former Member

Hi all ,

I'm trying to deploy a UI5 application from BSP to Fiori LaunchPad but I'm facing a problem coz my app has some external resource which defined in Index.html .

      "mc": "./",
      "commonController": "../../../sap/bc/bsp/salm/resources/commonController" ,
      "commonFragments": "../../../sap/bc/bsp/salm/resources/commonFragments", 
       "control": "../../../sap/bc/bsp/salm/resources/control"

Error !

While Deploying on FLP ignore Index.html and use FioriLaunchpad.html , I have to defined those external resource in Manifest.js

this is what I did

Same problem again !

Caused by: Error: found in negative cache: 'mc/controller/BaseController.js' from undefined/mc/controller/BaseController.js: Error: failed to load 'commonController/Category.js' from /sap/bc/ui5_ui5/ui2/ushell/resources/~20171002144600~/commonController/Category.js: 404 - NOT FOUND

any suggestion please !

Best Regards

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1 Answer

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Former Member Nov 27, 2017 at 02:52 PM

Hi Ramzi,

You need to define the views/resources in component.js to deploy the app successfully in the FIORI.

As you defined the resources in manifest.json is correct but you need to load the file in the component.js file.

Then FIORI can load all your views and controllers very successfully.


Deepak Raj.

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Former Member

Hi Deepak ,

Thanks for your answer , but I was wondering I have to load all files.js or their repository ?

Could you please show me an example ?

Coz I have external files which are .JS and .XML

Kind regards


Former Member

This is what I added , but unfortunately same problem same error



], function(UIComponent, JSONModel, models, ResourceModel,commonFragments,control)

Former Member

You need to add in the component.js with the parameter


below is the example:"sap.sample.web.Component");


metadata: {


routing: {

config: {

viewType: "XML",

viewPath: "sap.sample.web.view",

targetControl: "appid",

clearTarget: false,

transition: "slide"


If you face any issue please contact me at


Deepak Raj.