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Nov 27, 2017 at 07:17 AM

How to implement Geocoding functionality for business partners in SAP with Address details?


Dear All,

As per my understanding the geocoding functionality is based on country or country/region which we configure in SPRO settings. For further understanding of Geocoding Functionality at deepest granular level I would like to know the “coordinates by addresses”, meaning that the lowest level of detail needs to be a combination from postal code, street, and house number. The house number will be also important because a long street can go through multiple postal codes in some cases. A manual customizing of this would be impossible since for one country we would have large number of postal codes, streets, house numbers leading to billions of geocoordinate pairs. Hence, please suggest if someone had encountered a scenario of implementing Geocoding functionality for business partners based on Postal code, Street, House Number along with Country and Region.

SAP suggests to use IGS/PTV server for granular details, but I am not sure how do we use it to determine Geo-coordinates in SAP and display it in transactions BUP1/2/3.

Please also let me know if external services for Data Acquisition could be used in this case like e.g. Google Geocoding API.

Thanking you in advance.