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How to convert Consolidation group from G_NONE to another group in Real Time Consolidation

Nov 27, 2017 at 04:11 AM


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Hi Team,

We uploaded some records via the Flat File Flexible Upload with Consolidation group as G_NONE in local currency. We could see the records being posted to Consolidation journal table ( ACDOCC table). Post this, we ran the S4 HANA currency translation via RTCCT. As a result the records were posted with Converted currenc, but with the consolidation group as G_NONE. We also raised data submit request and ran the Consolidation business rule. In the ACDOCC table, the Consolidtion group remains as G_NONE while the converted value is correct.

May you please suggest, as to which section we might have to look to for correct posting to the Consolidation group rather than G_NONE.

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1 Answer

Lucas Costa Nov 27, 2017 at 07:42 PM

When you use the RTC CT or Accounting translated figures, you will need to enable the Integration Business rules.

Usually BPC CT does the aggregation to Group level, but when it's not being used you need to run this is a technical business rule.


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Hi Lucas,

Thanks for the link.We are exactly stuck on this point of Integration rule. We have already gone through the above link. But it doesn't give any business example. Could you please help us with some example and sequence of execution regarding a sample integration rule. That would be very helpful !!

Thanks a lot !!



The integration business rule is quite simple, in the header all you need to specify is the type I - Integration.

In details: Total Flow, Total Account and Reverse Sign (to keep the source signage).

The Multiplier should include all your entity methods (e.g.: 20,50,90) and 99 in interco methods plus 1 in the ALL formula.

Suggest you also taking a look at note: 1665088 - Integration mode in consolidation


Hi Lucas,

We tested CurrencyTranslation in BPC layer ( and not in S4 hana as it is more convenient) and it is running perfectly fine. The question is Integration Rule is it really relevant in case of RTC if translation happening at BPC layer??

If it is s4 hana layer translation, it makes sense as Consolidation groups are not generated by S4 hana translation engine but it is bpc layer it generates translation result with consolidation group.

Also as per the note mentioned by you , this rule is relevant for YTD model where periodic calculation is switched on.So not sure if it is really relevant.