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Nov 24, 2017 at 04:46 PM

link of Archived Invoice (via SARA) in vf02


Hi Expert,

My request is to archive the OUTGOING IDoc "INVOIC" I sent to my partner EDI.

(becaus we don't choose to let him archive all invoice documents !!)

I tried in NACE to change the output type (Zxxx = EDI INVOIC) for option "print + archive" (instead of before "print only") ... but does NOT work !!

(I works fine for other files I input in the Invoice VF02 via ArchiveLink)

So I check a bit arround SARA archiving and it seems that's working:

- Idoc is well archived (+available in archive for display)

- Idoc is no longer available in SAP (normal :-D)

but the link between the archive and the VF02 is not done / not working.

In SARA / Write part, I flagged option "Archiving of links"

And after archiving OK, in SARA/Read part, in the archive I see the option "linked" + inside :

+ Object name: ItCustBillingDoc

+ Key : 0091950xxxx (invoice nb).

But no way to see the archive in VF02 ... :-((

Any sugestion to Archiving experts ??

Many thanks in advance.