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Nov 01, 2016 at 08:26 PM

RFEBLB00 - payment process inconsistant


Hello, need help.

I have a customer that does not have discounts on their invoice. However they are taking a discount when making a payment thru lockbox. When the lockbox is processed, I am getting an inconsistency on how SAP is processing the payments.

Ex. On the lockbox file I have a 2 lines that have the same reference, line one is for the full amount, line 2 is the credit for the discount amount. Sometimes the system will clear the payment and only put the discount amount on account. However sometimes the system will clear the original invoice, however it will put a line item for the payment amount on account, and a credit for an amount which is the total of the orig inv amt and also the discount amount, which the 2 would net to the discount amount. We could have one payment for about 10 invoices, and 3 of those invoices get processed with the only left on account is the diff, but the other 7 will have the 2 additional lines that balance out to the difference.

Any help would be appreciated. We do not have the max discount turned on. The terms of payment on the customer are set that there is no discount, and we do not have the residual checked on the lockbox, but all this doesn't matter since on one payment, some are processed as expected as others aren't.